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A new generation of territory games using "line of sight" mechanics

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Wooden edition here

Meridians is a territorial game close to Go.

Starting with an empty board, players alternate turns putting a stone on the empty point as same as Go, but the stone or the group of the stone should be "seen" by other friendly stone through a straight path.

This is a popular title that won the BEST COMBINATORIAL 2-PLAYER GAME OF 2021 at BoardGameGeek. The portable version of the board is double-sided, with a standard-size front side and a back side for playing small and large sizes.

Please note that the back side cannot be played with the generic series discs (15mm). 


Rules (English /Japanese

  • 2 Players
  • 30-50 Min
  • Age 8+


・1 Fabric Gameboard (polyester, double-sided) 200mm×200mm
・150 Game Discs (wooden, 75 for each dark and light color)10mm×4mm
・1 Rule Sheet (double-sided printing) 195mm×195mm
・1 Box (cardboard with semi-coated label) 110mm×110mm×28mm

The product contains small parts. Do not give to children under 3 years of age.


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