Abstract Games are a form of the board game with the art of simplicity. We ship them worldwide in palm-sized boxes.

New Additions

Added Generic Board "Alquerq" set and Generic Game Discs to "Multigames in one". The Game Discs page also includes "Color Pack" sets with new games.

Featured Items


Meridians is a new territory game that uses a mechanic called "line of sight" and the winner of BEST COMBINATORIAL 2-PLAYER GAME OF 2021.

You can choose between the Wood Edition, made of natural wood with Go stones, and the Portable Edition in the common format.

Product Page
  • We are planning to start crowdfunding 4 new games on Kickstarter during the month of May. Stay tuned for further announcements!

  • Added "Sibling" to Generic Board "Hexagonal" set. Besides this, games from Generic Board "Alquerlq" set and games from Generic Disc Color Pack, totaling 8 titles, have been added to "Other Games" section.

  • Added Chess Territorial to Other Games. You can play it just using regular chess set. Give it a try!

  • Discontinued Pah-Tum, one of the classic game series, due to growing suspicions that it is a modern game fabricated as an ancient game. Sorry for the confusion.