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Generic Board "Parallelo" Set

Generic Board "Parallelo" Set

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A parallelogram-shaped board set with 11 hexes per side for playing the classic abstract game "Hex" and it's variants. It is designed to be played with red and blue discs on the front and white and black discs on the back (only red and blue pieces are included).

*The rules for Hex are not included, but can be easily found on sites such as Wikipedia.

Since the pieces are the same as those in the other generic board sets, it is possible to purchase the set without the pieces. Also, Generic Pieces can be purchased as additional pieces.

*In most cases, you can play well with a Lite Set, but on rare occasions run out of pieces.

  • - Players
  • - Min
  • Age -+


・1 Fabric Gameboard (polyester, double-sided printing) 200mm×200mm
・121 Game Discs(wooden, 61 for red and 60 for blue)15mm×4mm - 80pieces in Lite set, none in Pieceless set
・1 Box (cardboard with semi-coated label) 110mm×110㎜×28mm

The product contains small parts. Do not give to children under 3 years of age.


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