To enable small-copy production, Kanare_Abstract's games are produced using a common format.

The board is a durable fabric board (200mm x 200mm) made of antibacterial material. This is a fine-textured material that is pleasant to the touch and allows for vivid printing. The synthetic fiber also eliminates the risk of insect infestation.

The basic material of playing pieces is wood, which goes well with fabrics (some are made of resin). For games that require symbols, stickers made of PET are attached to pieces. Since the surface of the stickers is protected by a PP coating, the printing will not faint or peel off spontaneously due to friction.
These components are housed in a palm-sized, high-quality cardboard box (110mm×110mm)  for long-term storage. Therefore, it is necessary for each customer to take their own measures to prevent scratches and stains when carrying the product.
In addition to these, an optional upgrade is a special wood base that can be used as a foundation for the board. Although a bit more expensive because it is made of natural wood, it can be applied to all Kanare_Abstract games and adds a luxurious wooden touch to the game play.

Other note for product materials:

  • The fabric board uses sublimation printing, so it cannot be ironed or dried in a dryer.
  • The fabric board can be hand-washed, but repeated washing may cause the color to fade. In case of partial staining, please try wet wipes.
  • If you are bothered with the creases of the board from folding, you can also trace them with a wet wipe to make them less noticeable.
  • Because wooden pieces are made of natural materials, there may be a certain number of unevenly shaped or with rough paint. Please understand this in advance.