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Meridians Wooden Edition

Meridians Wooden Edition

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This set includes Meridians board made of natural wood and glass Go stones. You can also order a board-only set. For game contents, please refer to the portable editions page.

Shipping fee to outside Japan, usually about 2200~3500 yen ($15~24), will be charged on the payment page.

Rules (EN / JP)


・Board - made of natural wood, urethane varnish finish, 290mm x 290mm x 20mm (regular size) / 240mm x 240mm x 20mm (small size)
・Box - Card board, 295mm x 310mm x 55mm (regular size, go stones set) / 295mm x 310mm x 30mm (regular size, board only) / 245mm x 260mm x 55mm (small size, go stones set)
・Go stones - made of glass (double-sided convex), approx. 22mm diameter, 8mm thick, 60 for each color (Regular size) / 45 for each color (Smaller size) - in cotton drawstring bag
・Rules sheet (How to Play)
・Felt sheet for board



・"Double-sided printing" prints a smaller size board (80 intersections) on the reverse side. Single-sided printing is only available for regular size (114 intersections), and the reverse side will be blank.

・The regular size "Go Stones Set" comes with 60 glass stones of each color (in a cotton bag), a solid card board box to hold the board and stones, rules, and a felt sheet.

・ "Board Only" set includes the wooden board, box, rules, and felt sheet. This box cannot hold Go stones.

・ "Smaller Size" (80 crossings) can be selected only for the Go Stones Set.

・Please select "Glass Go stones" if you want to purchase only Go stones.


Other Remarks

・All boards are made of the same species of wood (hemlock), but because it is a natural material, the grain characteristics vary from each individual board. A characteristic of hemlock is that it may have blackish streaks called kasuri.

・The regular size boards are made of two to four planks, and the smaller size boards are made of one or two planks that are joined together. The differences in grain characteristics and coloration between the planks of wood may be more noticeable than in the photos.

・The actual bags for go stones in the set products are a little different from those shown in the photos ( identical to the bags shown in the photos of go stones only). Due to circumstances on the part of the manufacturer, the thickness of the bag strings may differ between black and white.

  • 2 Players
  • 30-60 Min
  • Age 8+



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